Corporate Projects

We are specialized in procedural development with a view to “best practices” and systemic vision, in an innovative way and committed to results and professional development. Our goal is to add value to your business and create a competitive advantage, through a deep and systemic critical analysis, while respecting the institutional culture and its values.

Professional and performance mentoring
Situational Analysis: diagnosis
Improvement of Technical Processes and Protocols
Adequacy to legislative changes: ordinances, resolutions, etc.
Strategic planning
Implementation of Knowledge and Intellectual Capital Management
Implementation of quality tools: Cause-effect diagram, Ishikawa, 5S, FEMEA
Consultancy and Advisory for the Implementation of Quality Management Systems (AABB-American Association Of Blood Banks; ISO 9000 series)
Consultancy and Advisory for Quality Certification (ONA-National Accreditation Organization)
Corporate Education Programs customized for your company’s employees: face-to-face and / or distance projects, using the most modern instructional tools to promote learning.
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• Leadership development program
• Specialized program for the development of technical health leaders

Educational Projects

We offer strategic in-person and / or distance solutions, using modern learning tools, for companies or professionals who want to improve themselves:

Corporate Education Projects
Distance Learning Courses for Professional Improvement
Web thematic conferences in real time
Seminars and Workshops

“Knowledge workers” are qualified to seek, use, expand and disseminate knowledge in their work environment ”.

Peter Drucker