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Byoline, with its group of Associated Consultants, created several educational instruments for their professional improvement (individual courses) and corporate training (courses for groups).

Online courses, our “virtual schools”: Where you are the “apprentice”, mediated by tutors – experienced professionals, specialists in the subjects. We provide Digital Certificate of Completion.

Distance learning courses

Online courses (self-instructional), offered in an exclusive and closed virtual learning platform, composed of webcasts (classes recorded by expert tutors) and printable material (handouts) for didactic accompaniment. The interaction between tutor and apprentice will be possible through the Doubts Forum (asynchronous) in the virtual classroom.

No-Distance Learning Courses

True “Virtual Schools”, provide quality learning, providing didactic materials as a learning support and the exclusive Web conferences in real time, where students and tutors meet to discuss the topic (on a pre-scheduled day and time). True living classrooms!

Thematic web-conferences

Webinars with specialists- Meetings via the Internet in real time, presented by expert tutors in each topic. We provide Digital Certificate of Participation.
Note: Your participation may be asynchronous, that is, if you are interested and do not have the availability to participate in real time on the scheduled day and time, you can purchase access to the webinar recording after it has been held.

Check the courses and web-conferences with open enrollment in our store.

Virtual Communities of Practice and Learning (Corporate)

Virtual spaces with restricted access, created to fit the personalized Corporate Education projects, composed by collaborators and expert tutors. In this space, we intend to bring together people motivated to (RE) learn to learn, more and always, developing talents. Each of us, whether apprentice or tutor, will have the task of sharing their experiences. Perfect for improving practices and disseminating information, optimizing time and resources, bringing people together and generating indicators.

These classrooms are exclusive to corporate groups and their access is restricted to employees of the institutions.

Nobody educates anyone, nobody educates themselves, men educate themselves, mediated by the world.

Paulo Freire