About Us

What we do?

In an unprecedented and innovative way, Byoline has been operating since 1997 in Technical-Scientific Marketing, developing customized projects for the optimization of processes and resources, Corporate Education, Professional Education for People Development, and the implementation of Quality Systems and Health Accreditation.

Who we are?

We have a multidisciplinary team of associate consultants, highly trained and experienced, working in the health market, composed of doctors, biomedical, biologists, pharmaceutical-biochemicals, nurses, administrators / managers, specialists in work processes in Hemotherapy Services, Health Centers. Screening for blood-borne diseases, cryopreservation of hematopoietic stem cells, clinical analysis laboratories and quality sectors.

We have specialists in the areas of people management, administrative management, technical management, quality management and accreditation in various quality systems in the health area.

What is our area and segment?

Healthcare companies with an interest in optimizing processes and resources, in accordance with the requirements of quality standards and current legislation, development of professional skills and talent retention.

Scientific Marketing Director: Ana Lúcia Girello- Advertising (ESPM-SP) and Biomedical (UNISA-SP), Master in Clinical Analysis (UNISA-SP) and post-graduate student in Knowledge Management and Innovation.

Administrative and Commercial Director: Roberto Saturnino Chaves – Business Administrator and Specialist in Health Management.


“Optimize and educate in health services to transform”


Reference in the process management segment, continuous improvement and total quality through optimization and education, promoting the transformation of people and services.


Respect for institutional cultures and partnership
Professionalism and commitment
Teamwork with renowned experts
Constant technical and technological update
Innovation and creativity

“If you want your company to be big tomorrow, start doing it today.”

Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM

Nosso DNA

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Otimizar e educar em serviços de saúde para transformar. Ser referência no segmento de gestão de processos, melhoria contínua e qualidade total através da otimização e educação, promovendo a transformação de pessoas e serviços.

Palava da fundadora: - Ana Lúcia Girello

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